Our Services

IP Transit

IP Transit with AI optimized routes and thousands of direct connections

Remote Exchange

Connect remotely to any Internet Exchange from your existing location

Global Peering

Get direct access to all Zet direct peers and Internet Exchanges

Optical Wavelengths

End to end secure layer 2 data transport based on DWDM infrastructure


Point to point layer 2 secure data transport carried on ZET network

DDoS Protection

Protection against all DDoS attack types on direct or remote connection

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers with unmetered 1Gbps-100Gbps bandwidth

Cloud Servers

Virtual Cloud Servers with unmetered 10Gbps bandwidth


Get rack units, full cabinets or cages in any of our locations

AI Routing Optimization System

Our network is planned to work perfectly even in the worst case scenario

We've backed it up with multiple redundant paths. We keep even more than 50% available capacity on backbone to be ready for bursts on the traffic. The connectivity between any points from our network is never congested. There are still other networks we exchange traffic with, keeping uplinks under congestion and degrading the enduser quality of service. Since we can't control the Internet and other 3rd party networks, we had to find a solution. We've built an AI system that permanently monitors the traffic and picks the best path to each remote network based on latency and stability.

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