Frequently Asked Questions

We are not focused on providing residential Internet connections, but it is possible to offer our services to off-site locations through local loop providers. Contact us if you want to connect to our network and your location is not listed. We may have a solution for you !

We are the only provider monitoring and optimizing end to end connectivity (between our customers and their end customers or remote servers). Other providers will only make sure their edge network uplinks are not congested and packets are delivered from their network. We monitor packets delivery much further than that. Based on our statistics, our packets delivery is better with 80%. Find out more about ZET here.

We accept bank transfer and credit card payments.

Definitely. We work with many ISPs. More than that, we have great promotions for Internet Service Providers.

We have a separate entity offering dedicated servers, cloud servers and other hosting services. ZetServers rely on ZET network to send multi-terrabits of traffic to the Internet. If you want to try out our servers, order one today from ZetServers