What is the DDoS Protected IP Transit Service?

Take all the advantages of our AI Optimized IP Transit service and add DDoS Protection as a security layer. Our DDoS Mitigation system is built by our engineers and works by analyzing the traffic flows in real time. If a DDoS attack is detected, the inbound traffic is automatically diverted through the cleaning infrastructure. The regular traffic is separated from the attack and routed to your port, while the attack is dropped. We have firewalls deployed globally in all our PoPs. The attacks are blocked directly at the edge of our network, before entering in our backbone.


  • All our AI Optimized IP Transit advantages included
  • Under 1 second reaction time
  • >10Tbps DDoS Mitigation Capacity
  • DDoS filtering at the edge of our network
  • Attacks filtered: SYN, ACK, SYN-ACK, RST and other TCP attacks, reflected TCP attacks, amplificated volumetric NTP, DNS, CHARGEN, Memcached, OpenVPN and other DrDDoS attacks, botnet attacks, IoT attacks, game server attacks, etc.
  • Possibility to add custom ACL rules (limited to 10 / port - more on request)
  • Possibility to add solutions to protect application targeted UDP attacks not in our default list (game or other servers)
  • Service offered in all important carrier neutral datacenters from Europe
  • The service can be offered in other off-site locations too
  • BGP or static routing configuration
  • Blackhole community available
  • Optimizations on the fly
  • 24/7 NOC


  • Network availability: 100%
  • Packet loss: < 0.1%
  • Inside Europe Latency: < 37ms
  • Transatlantic Latency: < 90ms
  • Ticket Response time: < 30 min
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