What is the Layer 7 DDoS Protection Service?

The Layer 7 DDoS Protection Service can be used together with our basic DDoS Protection service remotely (through a GRE tunnel) or directly on your IP Transit port. Layer 7 attacks are a DDoS type which targets the application itself (webservers, game servers, VPN servers, etc.). The solution can be customized to work with any application on request.


  • Customizable solution based on your application
  • Can be used remotely via GRE or proxy or on your IP Transit port
  • Fast identification and filtering of the attacks
  • Possibility to build custom rules based on clean traffic patterns
  • Possibility to work with our engineers in order to identify potential problems
  • Service offered in all important carrier neutral datacenters from Europe or remotely
  • Optimizations on the fly
  • 24/7 NOC
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